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Stagecoach Trail Subdivision

Community Announcements

Spring Irrigation Notice for Startup

Irrigation Times: 4:30 AM - Midnight, (7) days a week

Irrigation Responsibilities: 

The ball valve is the locus for determining HOA or Owner responsibility for repairs.  Everything above the valve belongs to the Owner and the Owner shall make repairs at their own cost.  If the ball valve breaks, the Owner shall repair or replace it, as it isolates the Owner's property from the HOA and water related issues.  Everything below the ball valve is HOA maintained with one exception: when there is owner negligence, any negligence in an Owner’s yard is their responsibility to repair. 


If your irrigation requires repairs on the homeowner side of the ball valve, a tech is available to do those repairs and bill the homeowner directly.

Bray HOA Management thanks you for the opportunity to provide management services to your community. There are no community announcements at this time.

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